Yes, it is applicable on those students whom first language is not English. It is expected of those students to present any proof of their English proficiency at the time of admission with an IELTS score of 5.5 atleast or higher than that. Students will have an opportunity to clear their IELTS test while studying our course. For Top up students, English requirements can be different as per their university entry requirements.

Atleast 5.5 score is expected from a candidate before their course completion at COTHM Online. Whereas, candidate can choose to study English course along with their chosen COTHM Online course. Other requirements for different levels are given below,


Entry Requirements

level 4/5

Complete secondary education

Level 7

5 Years for those not having a complete graduation degree

These are the general entry requirements whereas each applicant form will be thoroughly checked before admission and exceptions are possible. Moreover, university top up programmes may have their own requirements for entry.

Interview is not part of our admission process. Whereas, a candidate will have to complete an application form and have to meet the mentioned requirements given at that form.

Leaners are recommended to visit our website: www.cothmonline.com to view the courses offered and are suggested to thoroughly go through it and select the course which fulfills their requirements. For this, the candidate can do the following,

  • Check modules in detail, that either you develop any interest in them or you feel that it leads to the career you wish for yourself.
  • Go through the assessment criteria of your chosen course and see if you agree to study online?

While choosing a study path, the candidate must not choose any to overburden themselves. The decision must be take rationally considering a path which matches their present skills and experience.

The process of applying into a course is simple which can be carried out online via : www.cothmonline.com . Or you can contact our representative to get enrolled at

: paste contact number


No, there are not extra charges for submission of assignments.

Yes, we provide assistance to students when needed throughout the course. Students are always encouraged to get 30 mins before assignment preparation session with the tutors, which will be arranged on Skype and all elements related to the assignment will be covered on that session.

Moreover, students will be granted access to the relevant subject tutors and their details will be provided on the Dashboard. Students will be able to see tutor’s specialization and their availability for a session. Students can directly show their interest to tutors to get assistance on a particular topic or they can connect with our team available for their support at: support@cothmonline.com . Other related information can be taken from Student Handbook.

Students can upload their assignments in assignment section via the dashboard. Plagiarism reports are also required from students with the assignment submission.

Recommended word count for each assignment stand between 5000 to 8000 words per assignment. Exceeding limit of words will not result into students held for any penalty unless the data is related to the assignment.

Students will get access to their assignments after enrollment into the particular course.

After submission of an assignment students will get the results within maximum ten working days. Once all required assignments are submitted then the internal verifier will examine them which also takes approximately ten working days to complete. Once the internal verifier and internal markers assessment are alike then the assignments are forwarded to ATHE for further verification (external). ATHE will thoroughly check the student assignments and will examine either they are upto the required standard or not. This process can take upto 30 days (working). Overall, it will take a total of 40 days once the marked assignments are submitted of a student to get results.


Yes, the online payment is taken immediately and once received, the course material access is provided to you.

Students can get an installment plan which is interest free. These students can submit their fee in the scheduled months. To get the fee installment plan, students can contact our student advisor for assistance. UK based students might be eligible to apply for student loan for a university top up programme depending on their entry requirements.

There are no additional cost for any material however there is economical cost for coaching sessions that is optional. Pease contact support team for the details

Online payment can be processed through the following resources,

  • EasyPasia
  • Jazz Cash
  • Paypal
  • Bank Transfer
  • Credit Card
  • Cash Payment

Assessments are part of the courses and its fee will be included in the course fee.


ATHE is a recognized institution which provides colleges different qualifications of various fields including, health and social care, business, management and tourism. ATHE is well known organization due to it’s excellent customer services that provides worthy qualifications to learners. Learners feel contented with these qualifications because ATHE provide them suitable path towards university programmes. ATHE qualification includes trainings, progression towards university programmes, dedicated support officers, user friendly website and easy to understand documents, unique qualifications, support of internal verifiers (external) and good value for the paid money. For further information visit:

COTHM Online qualifications are designed as per international credit hours framework which makes the learners accepted by UK Higher Education Qualification. After completion of COTHM Online qualification, learners can get exemption from universities as per their standard procedure. With the prior arrangement of COTHM Online and ATHE, COTHM provides a list of universities to its learners that offers them opportunity to continue their education online or on campus as per the chosen university requirements. These universities are listed as top-up universities.


COBS is the abbreviation of COTHM Online Business School and it is a duly accredited online educational institute.

COTHM Online is a dedicated institution that provides different affordable courses (Undergraduate and Post-Graduate). These courses include, activities to learn better, online content and material. COTHM Online offers modern online educational services from their engaging platforms. COTHM Online provides learners an opportunity to get themselves enrolled in any of their listed top up university programmes after their course completion to save plenty of time and cost.

Personal Details

You can change your personal details from student dash board. After being enrolled into a course, you can login and view course progress, can edit your profile and also can chat with other students at our online forum.

Yes, you will have access to student dashboard for a maximum of four years from the time of course enrollment. Students can get further excess than the granted limit (4 years), after writing a request to our student admin.

In this case, you can request for login details (password) on the email address you have provided. To get further details, write an email to: Info@cothmonline.com


COTHM Online programmes are mapped according to UK higher education qualifications which are fully transferable to a range of other similar higher education routes and professional qualifications. On completion of the COTHM Online level 4/5 programme students will be awarded with 240 credits (equivalent to first 2 years of an Undergraduate degree). They can then top up to their final year at one of our University partners who recognize the ATHE qualification. Similarly, at level 7 students gain 120 credits from a total of 180 credits of an MBA degree which makes them eligible of applying in any COTHM Online top up university partner degree programme.

You will be able to apply for relevant job opportunities available at that time after completing degree or qualification. The current available opportunities can be seen at: career options.

Student Support

COTHM Online team is here to assist you always. A dedicated forum has been created for you to get support or you can ask for a relevant tutor support. Students are also provided guidance throughout their course. They can interact directly with each other and can share helping material. Moreover, a dedicated experienced team of tutors is also present to assist students in each module.

Yes, you can communicate with other enrolled students through our social learning platform.

Students can interact with each other through our social learning forum. This facility does not have any time limit, as they can interact any time and for maximum time with anyone present at that forum. Learners are provided with an option to buy extra tutor support from: tutor support. On demand webinars are also arranged for students without any extra charges.


Each module has different numbers of subjects to be completed as per the course requirement and it is compulsory for a learner to complete them. The learner can only achieve a diploma once he/she has completed all stated requirements of the chosen course (modules and assignments). The positive side of putting all the efforts to attain a diploma is that the learner can get recognized credits which can be used to take admission in a university. Additionally, students have the option to study according to their own pace and can buy additional modules anytime. 

The only requirement to study online is to have an internet connection with any supportive device (computer/tablet/mobile phone).

Yes, you can access your dashboard on tablet and mobile while having an internet connection. The material can also be printed.

We provide you enough material in modules to get a passion grade. Additional study resources are also available in modules for learners to learn better. Free of charge e books access and webinars is also provided to learners.

A completion certificate is an evidence of your module completion which you can get after passing all modules and assessments. The certification of completion will present your study level, module content, and achieved LOs (Learning Outcomes). This has been designed keeping QAA guidelines into consideration which ensures its quality. To get ATHE diploma after modules completion, you have to submit written assignments of ATHE.

The course duration depends at a learner’s own pace. COTHM Online does not define any deadline and time limitation for students. These modules can be studied as per learner’s own convenience.

COTHM Online does not provide exemptions on the basis of previously opted courses. Learners have to complete all assigned modules to get full advantage of COTHM Online defined route. In case, if you have any valid reasoning for exemption, do not feel shy to contact us for further guidance. All your top up programme enquires are also dealt by us happily, if you have already completed your chosen qualification.

Students can study the modules in any order and at any pace, to qualify for the University Top-up all of the modules and assignments have to be completed by them.

Once all the assigned modules and assignments are completed by the students then the students will be awarded with an ATHE certificate. Along with the certificates they will also earn official credits of the course. It is a recognized qualification by UK higher education authorities and with their university sector as well. After the completion of their chosen diploma, they can opt for further studies from our listed university partners and others offering with such requirements.

Yes, all modules have e-assessments. Completion of these assessments and modules will make students earn recognized qualifications by top universities.

Assessments lasts for an hour and they are based on multiple choice questions. Each module has its own assessment which is carried out at the end of the chosen course. A set of five questions is to be answered which makes the review of answers and editing easier for the learners. If any error occurs or the session time runs out, then the student five set answers will be saved automatically which has been solved already by him/her. Learner will get results immediately after the test is completed. Additional information can be seen at assessment page. Once these assessments are completed by the learner, he/she then have to complete the written assignments to complete the course requirements.

Interactive learning module involves, set of activities designed for students which allows students to get their module progress while learning. This is carried out by assessments, tests and exercises. 

Studying outside the UK

A wide network of international banks can be used by the learners to make their payments directly to COTHM Online. They can also use credit or debit card to make their payment alternatively. 

No, COTHM Online does not offer visa sponsorship but you can get visa sponsorship from our partner chosen university.

Visa is not required to complete your online study. In case, if a student opts for on campus study then it will be needed then only which is only the case if he/she opt for university top up programme.

Yes, you can study from anywhere around the world, we offer online study courses which does not have any geographical boundaries.

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