University Pathways

University Pathways

How top-up degrees work

We offer only OFQUAL approved courses and their credits are generally accepted by universities. Students have to clear their opted university that their qualification is validated from OFQUAL RQF at the mentioned value of level/credit. We will provide student with mandatory OFQUAL documents and a transcript. Students can also visit OFQUAL official website: to get the qualification confirmation. Universities may have their own merit subject requirements and will process the admission applications accordingly.

Our graduting students can take admission into a university programme to progress their education which can be carried out by completing a L-3 programme or by opting a top up degree programme which depends on the level they have opted to complete their Ofqual programme. Further details of these levels and their equivalencies can be view on our site ‘Study Levels Explained‘ page/. The general entry requirements for undergraduate degree programme of university are elaborated below,


University Entry

Level 3

Entry in Undergraduate

Level 4

University Degree Programme – Year One

Level 5

University Degree Programme – Year Two

Level 6

Graduate Level

Level 7

Post Graduate Level

In order to get a university Top Up entry, qualification of specific subject is needed. This means that, the chosen course at university must be closely related to your previously completed qualification. Whereas, it is not necessary for both to be same. There exist cases in which English qualification/IELTS is not required at any level. Flexibility exists in educational sector at a wider level which allows the students to choose their career and graduation institution from wider available options provided by COTHM Online. University prefer to look at the broader perspective while considering a student admission rather than their formal education only.

Progression options

You will have different options available after your course completion from COTHM Online, where you can study as a full-time candidate or part time candidate in a UK top up programme.  There are many universities that will accept Ofqual credits in their advanced entry programmes and due to this student have the opportunity to choose a university of their own choice. Students can get enrolled in the university for part time education (day release or evening time). They can also opt to study in universities offering workshops at the weekend. Student can get their preferred university from the listed ones by COTHM Online (Click here to Find a University). These are the general guidelines and students are suggested to check the university requirements themselves before choosing any or can contact any local agent for further details.

UK based universities also have their overseas campuses and they operate directly from there as well. Students can be offered programmes there by opting the advanced entry. I-e., Dubai have campuses of multiple UK based universities, and other than Dubai these campuses are also in other locations like, Srilanka, Mauritius and Hong Kong etc. Students should check the status of these universities locally. Some of the universities campuses can also be seen at .

Other than these campuses of UK based universities are also present in Cyprus, Hong Kong and other South Asian locations. International students who seek to get education from UK can get supportive details from:

Learners may have desire to study in institutions nearby their hometown country or they might have a wish to study in a country other than UK i-e., Canada and Australia based universities are offering distance learning facility and they also recognize UK based qualifications depending on each case.

Universities in USA also accept UK based advanced entry diplomas or equivalent programmes but both region policies and other things have huge variations. 

There is a special accreditation body of MBAs, The Association of MBAs which attains the highest level of MBA qualifications. There are many UK based universities that are member of it and they offer distance learning study. These universities do not offer credits but admission can be taken into these by completing our Level 6/Level 7 plus the requisite’s additional entry requirements of the chosen university. Before getting admission, students are suggested to get the accurate information of the chosen university.

Additional information related to these advanced education routes is available at our website, “university progression”, Page. Or information can also be taken from our support team by writing to them at: 

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