How Will I Be Assessed?

How Will I Be Assessed ?

COTHM online offers a clear assessment procedure which is given below

    • Once a module is completed by the student, the student then has to complete an assessment (online) which will be comprised of a total 30 MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions). One hour will be assigned to complete this assessment and the questions will appear in a set of 5, therefore, it will grant students excessive time to review their chosen answers and they can edit them, if needed. Once the assessment hour is completed, the exam time will end automatically.
    • After student have completed the test, result will be displayed at their screen immediately. In case the test is passed then the student will get a Certificate of Completion and in case of failure to pass it, student have to retake the exam. The term “refer” will appear after the test results (failure case), where the process of assessment retake will be explained. Students can complete the modules at their own chosen pace of time because there is no deadline defined of the course completion.
    • Once the student earned his/her Certificate of Completion after completing of a module, then the student has to complete the assigned written assignments of the course which will be assigned by COTHM (College of Tourism and Hotel Management) Online. These assignments will test the student knowledge and understanding of the area. If the assignments are successfully completed as per the standards then student will get his/her diploma.
    • Successful candidates will be eligible to take admission in a top up university degree programme from a recognized UK based university.
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