Accounting and Finance (Level 4 & 5)


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This course offers Accounting and Finance (Level 4) Undergraduate diploma and Extended Diploma in Management (Level 5), which is a fast track course for students to reach an associate Finance and accounting UK based undergraduate degree (through distance learning or on campus learning). Level 4 of this diploma (comprised of 10 assignments and 10 modules) is equivalent to Year-1 of UK based university degree and on the other hand level 5 (comprised of 10 assignments and 10 modules) is equivalent to Year-2 of UK based university degree. Level 4 and Level 5 collectively offers 240 credit hours (120 of L-4 & 120 of L-5). Therefore, if a student wishes to pursue at UK based university degree offering exemption on the basis of credit hours, then after L-4 completion he/she can get admission in the second year of the undergraduate degree program.

Course Name GLH Additional Hours (Optional) Support Services
Accounting and Finance (Online) Approximately 40 for each module 30-50
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