Diploma in IT and Computing (Level 4 & Level 5)


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If you desire to pursue a career in computer related field, then COTHM Online offers you right course to pursue your education in computer education field by joining their IT & Computing Diploma. This diploma offers you an opportunity to study IT field equivalent to University 1st year by choosing Level 4 module and study university 2nd year equivalent studies by taking admission in Level 5 module. Moreover, this diploma will enable you to enroll in a top up undergraduate degree which will help you further achieve the goal of becoming an IT professional. Additional course details include the following,


Course Name Credit Hours Modules Support Services
IT & Computing Diploma (Online) 240 20 Modules (10 Modules in L4 & 10 Modules in Level 5) & written assignments
  1. Tutor Support
  2. Webinars
  3. Access to a Social Learning Forum
  4. Additional Study Material

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