Introduction to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency (Short Course)


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About the Course

Anyone who take interest in technology or financial sector updates, probably have heard about the term Blockchain. After 10 years of its invention, Blockchain technology has become an integral part of economic and global affairs but still, many people lack knowledge about it. This course will introduce Blockchain concept, and its usefulness to students therefore they can gain a competitive edge in one of the world’s cutting edge sector. The introductory part of this course will cover multiple areas related to Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency programme. Learners will be able to understand Blockchain, how it operates and theories related to Blockchain common applications which includes security and cryptocurrencies. Moreover, they will be understanding the future of Blockchain technology.

Course overview

Course Duration

Students can enrol onto this course at anytime. There is approximately 100 hours worth of learning material included. Students will have access to the study material for five years.


This course is assessed by a series of self assessment exercises.

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