Making Yourself Memorable (Short Course)

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Making Yourself Memorable (Short Course)

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About the Course

It is a known fact that business industry is a competitive industry and due to rise of globalization, better access to education and rapidly changing technology; this reality is now better accepted widely. Therefore, as an individual one needs to focus on its development to deal with the increased competition. Whereas, in recent times, people with right abilities and skills get attention, either it is about business competition, or job vacancies or same level promotion among colleagues.  COTHM Online has introduced this course, “Making Yourself Memorable”, in order to help people to achieve their competitive advantage.  Learners can take admission in this course individually or can get enrolled into it along with the long course. This course will enable them to improve their professional outlook and become a memorable part of their field. Learners will be able to improve their professional outcomes by increasing their effectiveness and efficiency and will also be able to develop their clear vision, mission, strategies and future.

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Course duration

Students can enroll onto this course at anytime. There is approximately 100 hours worth of learning material included. Students will have access to the study material for five years.


This course is assessed by a series of self assessment exercises.

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My favourite thing about studying with COTHM Online Business School was the ability to study at my own convenience and pace.
Catherine Tuhirirwe
Level 5 Undergraduate Extended Diploma in Management
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